Tonewin Tube Amplifier,from China
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We provide custom-made 

output transformers, 

power transformers 

for hifi amplifiers and 

guitar amplifiers. 

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A preamplifier, also referred to as a preamp, is a device typically used along with sound equipment to help improve the overall quality of sound. In order to accomplish this, the preamplifier helps prepare the main amplifier, which increases the power and sound of the equipment, for receiving the electronic signal. Through the help of the preamplifier and the main amplifier, the sound is not altered in quality, but it is much louder.

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MS-22B Tube Preamplifier


Tube Preamplifier

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MS-11B Preamplifier



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MS-12B Preamplifier


Apply to CD/DVD and black lacquer disk phonograph(RIAA)
Applicable to pure post-stage and integrated amplifier

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